Welcome to Honest Healing  

“Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations”

“Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations”

Hello and Welcome,

I am writing to you with so much love and gratitude in my heart. I am thrilled to welcome you to Honest Healing and to my personal blog. Your time is valuable, so thank you for stopping by. Our aim is to make Honest Healing your all encompassing wellness brand; dedicated to healing body, mind and soul.

Our mantra: Slow down and notice. Allow yourself to discover the peace and beauty of the art of noticing. Learn to accept and embrace who you are and where you are – not yesterday, not tomorrow, but TODAY.

Slowing down can be hard. We all want our time to be used wisely, we want to get shit done, we want immediate results, we want to check as many boxes as possible – all at once. There are only so many hours in the day, only so many days in a year.

Slowing down allows us the valuable opportunity to begin to observe. We begin to notice our patterns in both mind and body, so we could start making changes for the better. Take your time to familiarise yourself with our website, with our values and what we are here to do for YOU!

Thank you for taking the time to be curious about finding what feels good for your body, mind and soul, to be curious about finding your inner peace; don’t forget to be honest and grateful about where you are.

Trust us, trust yourself and your commitment to happier, fulfilled life – trust the process (that is the best part).

I am looking forward to helping you get on the path that feels good for you and being part of your amazing journey to healing, self-love, self-discovery, self-worth, confidence, inner peace and more. Let’s begin the journey together with baby steps right now…smile and repeat I am perfect the way I am, my journey is my own, I am grateful for all I have and where I am right now. I am a beautiful human being.


Speak to you all soon!

With love,

Kammy, Honest Healing Founder