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In the pursuit of self-discovery, self-love, self-acceptance and her own healing from chronic illnesses and mental health, led Kammy to discover the physical and mental health benefits of yoga, pilates and meditation. She then decided to dedicate her time to becoming a fully qualified yoga, pilates and meditation teacher in order to help others. Her struggles with rare disease, chronic illness, mental health and early adolescence trauma, inspired her to launch Honest Healing in 2019.

“I wanted to create a safe space for people to heal, grow, unwind, share their journeys and connect with likeminded people. I want to open up the discovery of, amongst other things, gentle movement and breath healing; even to those who never even considered yoga, pilates or meditation. I am driven to change the way we feel, think and approach mental health, as well as chronic illnesses in our daily lives and workplaces.”

Having spent most of her life in hospitals, Kammy was forced to prioritise her health from a very early age . At the age of 5, Kammy was diagnosed with a rare bone disease called Fibrous Dysplasia; there is no cure for it. She has gone through numerous surgeries, hospitalisations, treatments (including chemotherapy), countless medications, sleepless nights from unbearable pain and the loss of ‘normality’.

Due to several treatments and medications she later developed Discoid Eczema, followed by various stomach and bowel problems. She also went on to experience early signs of liver failure at the age of 8. Doctors then diagnosed her with Coeliac disease, IBS and dairy intolerances.

At the start of 2015, sadly Kammy was diagnosed with Bulimia Nervosa, severe depression and an anxiety disorder. Although she had been suffering since she was a teenager.

“I’ve been suffering with body image issues since I can remember. I think all of my eating difficulties started when I was diagnosed with Fibrous Dysplasia, as I spent most of my time at the hospital, in pain and fussing over food. The one and only thing I could control and make decisions about at that time was food, so I did, until it got out of control. After a very traumatic incident at 15, I became anorexic, then the restriction of food became binging and purging. Anorexia became Bulimia. I particularly began to struggle with my mental health in 2015 and that is when I decided it was time to get help, change and learn to love myself again.”

Most recently, 2018, Kammy was diagnosed with Endometriosis. “I am still trying to come to terms with this. I’m trying to learn more about it and how to heal myself naturally. I want to help other women to feel like they are not alone in this and that they can still live a wholesome, happy lives and have great sex lives, despite this awful illness.”

Kammy opens up about her own experiences with both her physical and mental health struggles to help and support others. Through Honest Healing she wants to raise mental health awareness, guide others to overcome their own difficulties, whatever they may be, and most importantly to spread love and teach others that self-love is the most important thing of all.

Last year, Kammy also publicly opened up about the very traumatic events that happened when she was 15 years old. She was physically and mentally abused by her boyfriend at the time and violently raped several times. She fell pregnant to him and went through an abortion as a result.

“My world fell apart. I felt ashamed, scared and worthless. I was no longer me. I had to rebuild myself and my life. For years I suffered from night terrors, sometimes I still wake up unable to breathe. I did not know how to pick up all of the broken pieces or if I will ever be able to glue myself back together and be me again. I felt that I needed to open up, in order to help other women feel that what happened to them isn’t their fault, that they should feel no shame or judgement to share their stories; stories who made them who they are today. I wanted to make them feel fearless and strong!”

Currently Kammy is undergoing treatment for Fibrous Dysplasia and recovering from Bulimia Nervosa, which is an everyday battle. She is teaching yoga, pilates and meditation at her local gyms and studios.

“I believe that you don’t have to be whole and healed in order to help others. I am real and honest. This is my story, my journey, which I am not afraid of sharing in order to help others heal or to simply learn to love themselves again. I want to make people fall in love with gentle movement, whether that is yoga, pilates or both. I want to spread the message, that you do not have to do HIIT 5 times a week or spend hours at the gym in order to get fit and strong.”

“The soul and purpose of my every lesson is - ALWAYS listen to your body. Doesn’t matter what you were able to do yesterday or a week ago. LISTEN, OBSERVE and RESPOND to your body’s needs in the present moment. RESPECT your body’s boundaries and don’t force any posture or stretch. In my class you can feel like yourself, nothing else or no one else matters in that moment. We experiment, play, flow and find what feels good for you. No judgment, no expectations. I want you to feel calm and relaxed; to feel like you can lose your balance or get into a pose wrong, because it doesn’t matter. I am here to help. All you have to worry about is listening to your body and responding accordingly. It’ll take practice, but once you start listening to your body and move with a loving breath, you’ll notice that you start to listen in other aspects of your life. It’s going to be a game changer.”

Follow our founders journey and updates on her personal Blog on Honest Healing.

Believe in the magic. Let go of the day thus far, surrender and be grateful. Everything happens for a reason. Your time to shine is now!
— Kammy, Founder